What If...

What if you were to die today?

Say in a car accident on your way home from work or school today. Or on your way to the mall or grocery store.


What do you believe will happen to you?


Have you ever wondered:


“What happens to me after I die?”

“Is there really a heaven and hell?”

“If so, where will I go?”


Most of us have some sort of spiritual belief as to what happens after we die. Unfortunately, many people live their entire lives never really knowing for sure what will happen to them after death. Many hope that their “kind heart” or their occasional good deed will warrant entry into Heaven. Others just don’t want to worry about it, and believe there is no real Heaven or Hell. They believe that they will just go to sleep forever. Still others just resign themselves to a belief that they are destined for Hell, no matter what they do.


For me, I cannot understand why anyone would want to live that way. Not knowing what will happen to me for the rest of eternity. How frightening! After all, the average human life span is a small drop in the ocean compared to eternity. People save money for retirement because they wisely know that they cannot continue to work in their old age. However, many do not plan for their ultimate retirement. They are willing to risk eternity on a vague knowledge of religion or just plan ignore it all together.


You don’t have to be one of these people! You can know TODAY where you will be after your life on Earth ends. God has given us the answer to these questions through His word, the Bible. And has given us the promise of eternal life through His son Jesus Christ!


You may be thinking: “Oh no, not more Christian nonsense!  I am happy with my life, and I don’t care what happens afterwards. I certainly don’t need some punk on the Internet telling me how to lead my life.”


If you feel that way, please at least read this before you leave:

God loves you unconditionally! Even if you don’t believe in Him or worship Him, He still loves you. No matter what you do you cannot stop Him from loving you, and He doesn’t want you to be lost and at risk of spending an eternity suffering. He commands that all of those that do believe in Him to spread His word to those that don’t. Which is why I have written all of this. It doesn’t cost you anything other than faith to take God’s offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. I promise you that you have not experienced true happiness in your life if you don’t know Jesus Christ personally.

If you have read this far, then you have some interest in what God offers us. Please continue to the bottom of this page. It is not very long and will hopefully reveal to you God’s love for you.

IMPORTANT: When reading the following verses (bold print), please consider what each one means to you before reading my comments. My comments are not as important as the verse itself.

"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23

Many people believe they have led a “good” life. They have never murdered or committed a violent crime, and feel genuine compassion for others. But, have you ever hated someone or been angry with someone? Did you know that God says anger is the same as murder? The point here is that no matter how good a life we have led, none of us has led a life absolutely free of sin. Not me, not you, not Billy Graham or Gandhi or Mohammed.

"The wages of sin is death (hell), but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 6:23

Did you notice that there is no s at the end of the word sin? To me this says: If I commit just one sin, God will send me to hell. This may seem intolerant and unloving, but its not. As I said before, God loves us unconditionally. He doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell. But because He wants us to have the freedom to choose to love and obey Him, he gives us the choice to sin. Since He knows we will all fail, He gave us salvation. He provided grace from the punishment for our sin through the sacrifice of His own son, Jesus Christ.

"No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." John 3:3

A guy named Nicodemus once walked up to Jesus Christ and asked him how to get into heaven. He was a religious guy, but he knew that just going to church wasn’t enough. Jesus said to him "No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." Nicodemus thought Jesus meant he had to go back inside his mother’s womb and literally be birthed again. But no, Jesus was talking about a spiritual birth.

Why did Jesus come to die?  Jesus Christ hung on the cross and He took upon Himself all of your sins, and all of my sins, and all of the sins of the whole world. When He died on that cross, He died for me, for my forgiveness. That forgiveness is a gift from God. It is often referred to as Salvation.

Here is a crude example of how Salvation works: Suppose I held out a bar of gold to you, and said "Here, this is a free gift for you." What do you have to do to get it? To own that bar of gold? You have to open your hand and take it. Right? That's the same thing you have to do with God’s gift of Salvation. It doesn't become your gift until you accept it for yourself.

Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

What does this say to you?

"If you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. As the Scripture says, 'Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.'" Romans 10:9-11

Does the phrase "If you believe, you will be saved" include murderers, child molesters, drug dealers, etc.? If He can save these types of people, don’t you think He can save you too?

 “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

When we open the door of our lives to Jesus, He will come in. Jesus is eager to enter into our lives. He longs for us to be in a right relationship with Him.


Try to answer these yes or no questions as honestly as possible:


-          Are you a sinner?

-          Do you want forgiveness for your sins?

-          Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for you and rose again?

-          Are you willing to surrender yourself to Christ?

-          Are you ready to invite Jesus into your heart and into your life?


If your answer is YES to any of these, you can receive His free gift of salvation right now by praying a prayer like this:

“Father, thank You for the free gift of eternal life. I know I am a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I am sorry for my past sins, and I ask You to forgive me. Jesus, I believe You died on the cross for my sins and arose from the dead. I now open the door of my heart and invite You to come into my life. I realize there is nothing I can do to earn my salvation, and I place my complete trust in You alone for eternal life. I choose to follow You as my Lord. Please make me the person You want me to be.”


For The Skeptics

You may be thinking:

"How do you know the Bible is true?"

For one thing, archeological data proves it. There are over 14,000 New Testament manuscript copies in existence today. And when scholars compare them, they can't find more than a paragraph's worth of difference, and most of those are misspellings or alternate spellings. None of them affect basic doctrinal issues. All the evidence points to the conclusion that we have an accurate text. The first manuscript fragment of the gospel of John is dated only about 40 years from the time it was written.

 “Other religions tell me that I need to work my way into heaven and that Jesus was only a prophet.”

There are only two types of religions in the world. One says that Jesus might be a prophet, a teacher, or a good religious guy, but that He is not God. It also believes that you can work your way to heaven--by a terrorist act, eating the right food, performing religious rites, or living a good life. Christianity, however, makes two opposite claims:  The first is that Jesus is God, and that God had to come to man, man couldn't go to God.

So we have opposing views that can't both be right. The question now is: How do we know which is true? If Jesus is not God, then he either lied or was demented. There is no evidence that Jesus lied, and He certainly didn't have any of the symptoms of a lunatic. Additionally, it is contradictory to believe He was both a liar and a prophet or a good religious man. So that leaves only one logical conclusion: He is who He claimed to be - God.

"How could God send anyone to hell?"

Do you realize that God doesn't simply look around and say, "I'll send that one and that one to hell"? God sent His Son into the world to save the whole world, not some of it. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

“I’ve always believed in God, I don’t need this.”

If you’ve answered yes to all five of the questions above, then you won’t have any problem accepting Christ. Pray a prayer to Him like the one above. Also, know this: “The demons believe in God and shudder” James 2:19

“My friends will think I’m crazy.”

Maybe, but the issue now is: Are you ready? Ready to invite Jesus into your life?

"I'm not ready to make this kind of decision."

Think about this, if you were to die right now, having not accepted Christ, where would you go?


Still Not Sure?

If you are still unable to accept what is written above, pray to God. Ask Him to reveal the truth to you. You don’t have to take my word for it. Trust in God, He will not fail you! He loves you and wants what is best for you.